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VIAVANA is a travel community where you can:

  • - Arrange your own group trips.
  • - Go on trips & retreats with experts.
  • - Or earn money arranging a trip as an expert.

Meet FRIENDLY – a new tool to design your own group trips. You can find and book flights, hotels, create your own itinerary & upload pictures on your private site. Share the site & all the info with your group, and the group can edit the trip and book everything directly from your page. This way you have everything in 1 place AND you don’t have to pay up front for the whole group.

It’s group travel made simple & FRIENDLY

VIAVANA is the place to be, if you want to travel with passionate & like-minded people. You can go on unique yoga retreats, photo trips, trekking tours, foodie trips, culture trips, sport trips or boot camps specially created for you by passionate experts.

It’s unique retreats & trips made to give you energy, knowledge & insight.

Thirdly, VIAVANA is a platform for all you talented experts who want to share your passion and knowledge on trips around the world. It’s a place for experienced yogis, foodies, instructors, culture lovers & for people with a special expertise.

It’s a platform for earning money from your expertise.

Do you represent a hotel, venue or a retreat place?

We would love to hear from you. We work with all kind of hotels & venues.
Write us on: info@viavana.com or call us on 72 22 02 50

VIAVANA is a Denmark based company created by travel & tech lovers and owned by the venture font, Promentum Equity Partners


Parastou Booyash

Head of Content, PR & Marketing

+45 29762727 pb@viavana.com

Support & Customer Service

+45 72220250 info@viavana.com

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